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Bruce Kaphan
photo by James Saxon

Bruce Kaphan


San Francisco Bay Area Musician Bruce Kaphan has been professionally involved in the Music Scene since the mid-70's. His skills and talents have made their mark on hundreds of projects, and thousands of performances given around the world.

This website highlights his work on recordings, films and television.

Zum NecksFeel free to browse around There are sound clips, video highlights and a complete discography of projects with which he has been involved. Consider purchasing a CD while you are here.
  • "There's a guy now; Bruce Kaphan, who is amazing." - Jeff Beck quoted in the May 2010 issue of Guitar World Magazine
  • "Kaphan makes Zen music for dustbowl airports. bewitching instrumentals, sweet dreams of light and flight in which Kaphan's licks ring like prayer bells across an open Texas plain"
    - Rolling Stone Magazine
  • on Slider: "this record is amazing"
    - Peter Buck (R.E.M.)
  • on Hybrid: ""Bruce's music truly soars, transcending genres, redefining everything we know about the pedal steel guitar. A beautiful, feel-good album, full of intriguing twists and turns." - endorsement from Thomas Dolby
  • on Bruce Kaphan Quartet: "An organic balance of originals along with some killer covers has the Bruce Kaphan Quartet bordering on addictive as they put forth not necessarily a new sound but a celebration of everything that is right and embodies the spirit of improvised music played at an incredibly high level." The first review is in: Critical Jazz
  • "Kaphan's original compositions range from Harold Budd-like soundscapes to luxurious cosmic cowboy themes to a couple of sonically trippy tracks reminiscent of Brian Eno's better works"
    - Music Connection
  • "like a Ry Cooder soundtrack, Slider not only delivers on atmosphere but actually possesses the ability to put you there"
    - Leicester Bangs
  • "environments and textures that are intimate, stunningly beautiful, and even spiritual"
    - ARTISTdirect Network

Bruce Kaphan Quartet album cover
Bruce Kaphan's latest CD Bruce Kaphan Quartet has just been released.
There are sound snippets and a whole set of pages just for this album available here:
Bruce Kaphan Quartet

Recently a few experiences have informed me that I need to bust a myth. Yes, if you look at my credits and quotes there are a few household names who have been kind enough to say nice things about me and even hire me to play on their recordings. Of course I'm truly grateful for these nice words and great opportunities! But apparently there's a dark side to this... Recently, when Mike Errico emailed me to ask if I'd be interested in overdubbing on his album in progress, he expressed his hesitancy to contact me, fearing I'd be too busy or too expensive to consider recording on his record. In fact, he told me it took encouragement from other people in his life to send that email, he was so uncertain about what my reaction would be. There is nothing in this world I love to do more than record pedal steel! This wasn't the first time I've been aware of someone being afraid to even approach me to play on a project. In fact, when American Music Club had a reunion a few years ago, they didn't even bother to ask if I'd be interested in taking part. I was told by one of their fans that the band was telling fans that I was "too expensive". Well, I don't GIVE IT AWAY, certainly, but I'm absolutely certain that my rates are competitive with other players. So all I'm saying is, if you like the way I play and want my sound on your recordings, please don't be afraid to at least contact me (you can use the contact tab here at my website)! If I feel I can bring something of value to your project, I would very seriously doubt we wouldn't be able to negotiate a way for me to be involved. Maybe it's my appearance, or my writing style, I don't know. I'm really not that scary!

Bruce Kaphan

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